Nancy Norman and Bill Duryea are THE STORYS.

Together, they specialize in HARMONY, singing the magic songs of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and more. Covering rock and roll, folk, country, Bill’s originals and a variety of hits from many musical eras with two acoustic-electric guitars, Bill’s harmonica and lots of harmony, your guests will want more!

The Storys are ENTERTAINERS who make people smile and sway. From feel-good background music to lively, get-involved music, The Storys entertain by inviting the audience to feel a part of the event. They’re funny and poignant, filling the spaces between songs with stories, music trivia, fun and spontaneity. Dancing and singing along are encouraged!

Nancy and Bill are TROUBADOURS. From Washington and Oregon to New Mexico and Arizona and across the Rocky Mountain region, The Storys have played hundreds of shows, parties, events and ceremonies. They are equally comfortable in a ballroom or a living room, a backyard or a stadium.

The Storys have musical SYNERGY. One and one are greater than the sound of two! The Storys provide full, fresh, real, live entertaining music!

Bill is also a visual artist working primarily in oils. He describes his work as “luminous impressionism.”
(See his work at

Nancy is a psychotherapist in private practice and hosts her website, “” about relationships and life.

Together they are living their dream of making music and enriching others’ lives!

The Storys featured in September 2020 issue of Riff Rag Magazine…

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